AI Productivity Tools


JobWizard is an AI-powered chrome extension that helps you breeze through job applications. It auto-fills application info by importing data from LinkedIn, generates tailored answers


Tired of screenshot clutter? Trickle is a new AI assistant that neatly organizes and summarizes all your screenshots. Just snap a screenshot and send it


Product teams use Validly to gain deep insights from continuous user interviews 10x faster. The tool automates recruitment and scheduling, generates discussion guides, facilitates video


GitMind is a free AI-powered mind mapping tool that enhances work and learning efficiency. Users can ask GitMind AI questions, and it generates related ideas (by Questmate) by Questmate lets you create actionable Quests (such as forms, checklists, workflows, and recipes) to get anything done; with a single prompt. You can


DocGPT is a cutting-edge web application that blends a PDF editor, private document cloud, and generative AI into one seamless platform. It enables you to


Feedly is an AI-powered news aggregator tool that lets you create your own personalized news feed. It organizes content from millions of sources and uses

Loopin AI

Loopin AI helps plan your workweek and automates event scheduling and meetings. It can connect relevant meetings, record, transcribe, and summarize conversations, generate agendas, and

ConceptMap AI

ConceptMap AI enables interactive concept mapping with AI copilot. The tool is powered by the OpenAI API and was developed by as part of


Upword is an AI-powered note-taking tool that can quickly identify and extract key information from your content. With this tool, you can build your summary,

Coda AI

Coda AI is a work assistant that’s currently in beta release and allows you to organize data, extract key findings, and get organized insights quickly

Inbox Narrator

Inbox Narrator summarizes your Gmail emails using ChatGPT, and delivers them in an impressive human-like voice via Siri or Google Assistant every morning. This tool

Increase productivity with these AI tools to save time, get insights faster, product research, and more.