AI Productivity Tools

AI Diary

Ai Diary is an AI-powered daily diary which lets you engage in real conversations, creating a human-like connection as it responds to your diary entries,

Notion AI

Notion AI is Notion’s integration of AI within their workspace platform. The tool uses artificial intelligence to help users write faster and augment their creativity.


Docalysis gives you AI-powered answers for all your documents. Save time by having an AI answer questions about your documents within seconds. Docalysis is free


PrivateGPT is an open-source application that allows you to interact privately with your documents using the power of GPT, all without being connected to the

Loopin AI

Loopin AI helps plan your workweek and automates event scheduling and meetings. It can connect relevant meetings, record, transcribe, and summarize conversations, generate agendas, and

Notion Workspace

Notion is a popular customizable workspace that connects teams, projects, and documents in one place, eliminating silos and improving communication. It allows users to build

Orygo AI

Orygo is an AI assistant that helps users learn, by aggregating and analyzing content from different sources to help you understand and summarize information. With


Nexus is an AI navigator and CRM for your entire network. The tool can build a comprehensive knowledge of your relationships and provides personalized recommendations is an innovative AI-powered website builder that makes web development accessible to anyone. With just a simple prompt, you can create stunning and responsive


Visus lets users upload their documents and get instant answers to their questions via a documentation/knowledgebase created by the AI. Visus is fully customizable, allowing

AI Toolbox for Innovators

AI Toolbox is a collection of useful AI tools developed by Board of Innovation. The toolbox already features 9 impressive tools, with more being released


GitMind is a free AI-powered mind mapping tool that enhances work and learning efficiency. Users can ask GitMind AI questions, and it generates related ideas

Increase productivity with these AI tools to save time, get insights faster, product research, and more.