AI Marketing Tools


Tweetify It is an AI Twitter tool that transforms long articles and blogs into short, personalized social media posts. The tool isn’t just applicable to


Adout is an AI-powered ad creation tool designed for small agencies and startups. With Adout, you can easily create engaging display ads with customized options,


Originality.AI is a plagiarism checker and AI detector specifically designed for web content publishers and large-scale use. It helps users ensure that their content is

Zevi AI

Zevi AI is a neural search engine for eCommerce brands to boost conversion and improve average order value. The tool features a full integration with


ADXL is an AI-powered advertising tool that automates and optimizes multi-channel digital ad campaigns. It allows you to easily run ads on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn,


ChatCube lets you create a custom ChatGPT for your business. With this tool, you can train a custom AI chatbot on your website’s data. ChatCube


Shakespeare is a powerful AI marketing platform that can bolster your marketing campaigns with AI-powered targeting, creative automation, and real-time performance optimization. Shakespeare’s dashboard allows

Mine My Reviews

Mine My Reviews is a free AI review scraping tool by Senja that quickly analyzes your customers’ online reviews and testimonials. Just paste a URL


Yaara is an AI copywriting tool designed to help you write high-converting copy for your marketing needs. With Yaara, you can easily write copy for

Cohesive AI

Cohesive is a full-fledged platform for creating captivating content for a variety of different purposes. The tool already features an impressive collection of over 200


GETitOUT allows you to create detailed buyer personas for your business quickly and easily. Unlike other persona editors, GETitOUT extracts pain points and goals from

The top AI marketing and content creation tools which can drastically improve your website, SEO and marketing campaigns. Generate high quality, relevant articles in every single niche out there without spending hours researching and typing away. Get premium AI generated assets for your business such as logos, designs and backgrounds. These tools have many use cases for online marketers, you can use them for long-form content generation, marketing automation, social media management and lots more.