Free AI Audio Tools

Evoke Music

Evoke Music is an AI-powered, royalty-free music library with over 60,000 tracks and sound effects for content creators. It supports all social media platforms and

Omniverse Audio2Face

Omniverse Audio2Face uses generative AI to create expressive facial animation from an audio source or file. It simplifies the animation of a 3D character to

RoEx Automix

RoEx Automix lets you mix and master your audio tracks using AI. Users can use Automix for free but the tool runs on a credit


Voicemod features an AI-powered voice changer with seven voice filters that use artificial intelligence to allow you to transform your voice in real-time, giving you


CassetteAI is an AI-powered music creation tool that makes music production accessible to everyone. Using Latent Diffusion models, it enables musicians and producers to create

BandLab SongStarter

SongStarter is an AI-powered idea generator for creating new music. It offers three unique musical ideas with the option to specify a lyric or even


Krisp is an AI software solution to provide noise, voice, and echo cancellation during online meetings and calls. It helps individuals and businesses to be


Podcastle is an AI-powered platform that enables podcasters to quickly and easily create, edit, and distribute high-quality audio and video podcasts. Podcastle’s goal is to


Soundraw is an AI-powered tool for generating original, royalty-free music. Soundraw allows you to customize the length, tempo, composition, instruments, and genre of your music

Magenta Studio

Magenta Studio is a collection of music plugins built on Magenta’s open source tools and models. They use cutting-edge machine learning techniques for music generation.


Mubert is an AI-powered platform that allows you to create royalty-free music and soundtracks. The tool is designed for streamers, app builders, filmmakers, and content

Voice AI

Voice AI is a voice changer tool that also offers a voice cloning feature (although it is currently in alpha). It is aimed towards content

A collection of free AI audio tools which can be used to create and enhance existing audio. Includes tools to generate all types of audio and music as well as AI text-to-speech platforms.