AI Customer Service Tools


Hansei is an AI chatbot building platform that allows you to create customizable chatbots to interact with your data and documents. It imports your knowledge


Chatsimple is a next-generation AI chatbot solution specifically engineered for startups, digital goods sellers, and content creators. Built upon a deep understanding of the unique


Chatmasters AI is an affordable AI assistant for both business and personal use which offers fast service, multilingual support, and easy integration. Using Chatmasters, companies


Infichat is an easy-to-use AI chatbot builder for websites. It uses AI to create chatbots that can answer your customers questions and provide 24/7 support.


CallZen uses AI to analyze calls, chats, and meetings between your agents and customers. It can transcribe conversations, identify key moments, score agent performance, and


Acobot allows you to create an AI chatbot or assistant for your website that is designed to grow your e-commerce business. The chatbot is aimed


Tidio is an automated customer service chatbot tool that can improve your customer support and increases sales. It features a live chat widget which allows

Conversational Virtual Assistant

Conversational Virtual Assistant is an AI-based customer support chatbot platform by InData Labs that automates query resolving, enhances customer experience, and frees up human agents


ResolveAI is an AI customer service solution that uses ChatGPT to create conversational AI chatbots. ResolveAI allows you to quickly build your own chatbot tailored is a no-code AI platform that turns Airtable data into custom GPT chatbots and AI agents. With just a few clicks, anyone can upload


Unthread is an AI customer support tool that creates a Slack inbox to turn customer requests into organized, prioritized tickets. Main features include automatic message

Richpanel Sidekick

Richpanel Sidekick is an AI chat assistant for customer service agents. While repetitive customer service queries can be instantly resolved with self-service, it is better

AI customer service tools for automating and improving your customer service. Includes tools such as live support chat bots, AI helpdesks, phone automation, and more.