AI Customer Service Tools


Tidio is an automated customer service chatbot tool that can improve your customer support and increases sales. It features a live chat widget which allows


ChatCube lets you create a custom ChatGPT for your business. With this tool, you can train a custom AI chatbot on your website’s data. ChatCube


Chatmasters AI is an affordable AI assistant for both business and personal use which offers fast service, multilingual support, and easy integration. Using Chatmasters, companies

ZipChat AI

ZipChat AI allows you to easily create a customer service chatbot for your website. The chatbot is designed to provide instant answers to your customers

Social Intents

Social Intents is a live chat platform that integrates with Microsoft Teams and Slack, as well as ChatGPT. Embed ChatGPT on your website and escalate

Simple Phones

Simple Phones ensures that you never miss a call from a customer with its AI-powered call answering service. It offers call routing and logging features,


Quickchat is a no-code solution for building your own AI customer service chatbot. It allows you to create an AI assistant that is customized to

AI customer service tools for automating and improving your customer service. Includes tools such as live support chat bots, AI helpdesks, phone automation, and more.