Free AI Tools


Transvribe is a free AI tool which lets you quickly get answers from any YouTube videos. You simply paste the YouTube video URL and ask


Mailberry is an AI-powered email marketing platform that writes and sends emails for you. It allows you to simply paste prompts like tweets, offers, or


PixelVibe is an AI game assets generator from that lets you easily generate characters, environments, tiles, props, and more game assets using generative AI.

Janitor AI

Janitor AI is an exciting new platform that offers a wide range of interactive AI chatbots. You can explore various categories of chatbots, all of

Sleep Care Pro

Sleep Care Pro offers personalized AI resources for improving sleep quality and achieving healthier, more restful nights. This free tool provides tailored recommendations and expert


Hundrx is a web3 Chrome extension that enhances Twitter by integrating with blockchain technology. The extension also has ChatGPT integration, allowing you to easily post


FreeTTS is a powerful and versatile Text-to-Speech tool that offers developers an easy and efficient way to incorporate speech synthesis into their applications. Its open-source


ChartPixel is an AI-powered data visualization and analysis tool that makes it easy to gather insights from your data. Just upload your spreadsheet or import


BallonTranslator is an advanced comic/manga translation tool that utilizes deep learning. This tool offers a fully automated translation process, including text-detection, recognition, removal, and translation.


BookCoach is a fun and educational tool developed using GetGPT. It allows you to ask any questions to a book and get informative answers. Currently, is an AI tool that offers voice cloning, text-to-speech, and custom music creation. You can upload your own voice data for training, without limitations

neural frames

Neural frames is a platform that converts text into captivating, animated visuals. Users can choose between five AI models but also train their own ones.

Our index of every free AI tool. No paywalls or subscriptions, only free! These free tools can be an excellent way to experiment with the different types of AI technology out there, especially if you’re just getting started.