Free AI Video Tools


Roop is a one-click deepfake (face swap) tool available on GitHub and as a Stable Diffusion extension. It allows you to replace faces in videos

Steve AI

Steve AI is an online video-maker that uses AI technology to help you create professional videos quickly and easily. The tool allows you to simply is an all-in-one online video creation platform that makes it easy for creators of all levels to edit, record, multi-stream, and host professional-looking videos.

Spikes Studio

Spikes Studio helps creators extract captivating Shorts & Stories from any video. You can use this tool to automatically get titles, descriptions, hashtag recommendations, auto-captions,


Rokoko is a free AI tool which lets you capture motion capture straight from your phone or webcam. You can also upload a video and

neural frames

neural frames is a platform to convert text into captivating, artistic visuals. Users can choose between five AI models but also train their own ones.


Ssemble is an AI-powered collaborative video editor that can create all sorts of unique videos, as an individual or as a team. The tool allows


ClipFM is a next-generation AI tool that streamlines your clip making process, turning hours of video into engaging clips within minutes. ClipFM sets out to


Reface is a mobile app that allows you to make realistic face swap videos and gifs with just a single selfie. You can morph your


Videomagic is a cloud-based, AI derived, automated video creation platform that makes it easy to create stunning videos for your products in just minutes. No


Quinvio lets you create spoken video presentations with AI avatars. The tool has several features and settings for creating your video script, including an AI

FineShare FineCam

FineShare FineCam is a free AI-powered virtual camera that turns any camera you have into a high-quality webcam. The tool supports up to 4K resolution

Free AI tools for video & animation. Use these tools to create, modify, and enhance AI videos, and even generate motion capture for free.