AI Email Tools

Unlike other AI tools that create a wide variety of copy, Opnbx is laser-focused on harnessing AI for sales. Generate highly personalized and relevant emails

Polite Post

Polite Post is a quick and easy online tool that can turn your rough draft into a professional, well-written email. Simply enter the base for


Mailberry is an AI-powered email marketing platform that writes and sends emails for you. It allows you to simply paste prompts like tweets, offers, or

TextCraft AI

TextCraft AI is a Chrome extension for Outlook and Gmail that understands tone and context to help you quickly craft clear, concise emails and messages.


Missive is an AI-powered email, chat, and task management tool designed for productive teams. It consolidates all internal and external communication channels, including email, SMS,


GetResponse is a professional email marketing platform that offers solutions for businesses of all sizes. With their new AI Email Generator, you can create high-quality


Nureply is an AI email automation tool that helps you get more responses and see more success with cold emails. The tool can rapidly write

ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer is an AI email assistant in the form of a Chrome extension that helps you write emails, messages, and more. It uses ChatGPT


EmailWritr is an AI-powered email writer that allows users to easily create professional, quality emails and email campaigns, even if they have no prior email


Superflows is an AI email assistant that’s designed to help you breeze through your inbox. The tool features instant 1-click replies, pre-generated responses in your

Newsblok AI

Newsblok AI is an AI chrome extension that makes curating content for your newsletters easier. The extensions allows you to easily curate content and generate


Scribbly is an AI-powered email writing assistant for busy professionals. Scribbly analyzes the text of your selected email, provides personalized response suggestions, and allows you

AI tools for email management, automation, writing assistance and more.