AI Email Tools


Hypertype is an AI email responder which can speed up your process when composing or replying to emails. With the Hyperbrain feature, the AI gathers


EmailWritr is an AI-powered email writer that allows users to easily create professional, quality emails and email campaigns, even if they have no prior email


Ellie is an AI email assistant that helps you craft replies in your own writing style. The AI algorithm takes context from your previous email


Luna is an email tool that uses AI to suggest new, high-quality leads for cold emailing and can also customize your emails to increase the


SaneBox is an email management tool that uses AI to identify your important messages and hide distractions, keeping your inbox organized and allowing you to

Effortless Email

Effortless Email turns your bullet points into nicely formulated emails to help save you time when writing and responding to emails! The tool can be

Robin AI

Robin AI is a tool designed to help automate the sales funnel for businesses. It helps businesses reach out to leads, conduct research, and handle

Hoppy Copy

Hoppy Copy is an AI-powered copywriting tool that streamlines the email creation process by generating copy for your email campaigns. There are over 50+ ready


Scribbly is an AI-powered email writing assistant for busy professionals. Scribbly analyzes the text of your selected email, provides personalized response suggestions, and allows you


Saleshandy is a cold email automation tool that allows users and businesses to scale their outreach and lead generation efforts with high deliverability and response is a full-cycle sales engagement platform that automates communication with potential leads. It offers features such as a LinkedIn email finder, multichannel sequences, meeting

Polite Post

Polite Post is a quick and easy online tool that can turn your rough draft into a professional, well-written email. Simply enter the base for

AI tools for email management, automation, writing assistance and more.