AI Chrome Extensions


HARPA AI is an AI agent in the form of a Chrome extension. With HARPA, you’re able to integrate ChatGPT to Google Search, automate websites,


Hundrx is a web3 Chrome extension that enhances Twitter by integrating with blockchain technology. The extension also has ChatGPT integration, allowing you to easily post

Devi AI

Devi is an AI social media assistant that automates lead monitoring, outreach, content creation & scheduling on social media platforms. Devi lets you monitor keywords


Linguix is a free AI-powered grammar checker that instantly improves your content on all sorts of websites. It can help you create error-free, compelling, and


TweetGPT is a Chrome browser extension that uses the OpenAI API to generate tweets and replies. With the TweetGPT extension, when you open a new


HirePeople is a free Chrome extension that is designed to help with outreach and new connections on LinkedIn. The extension can quickly create personalized messages

Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a free Chrome extension that allows you to search and display keyword data, including search volume, cost per click, estimated traffic, word


AIPRM for ChatGPT is a free Chrome extension which turns the already powerful ChatGPT into an SEO power-tool. You can use the pre-generated prompt templates


Hypertype is an AI email responder which can speed up your process when composing or replying to emails. With the Hyperbrain feature, the AI gathers


Scribbly is an AI-powered email writing assistant for busy professionals. Scribbly analyzes the text of your selected email, provides personalized response suggestions, and allows you


GrowthBar is an AI-powered SEO tool that gives webmasters and business owners recommendations for improving their online presence. It enables users to explore competitors’ backlink

Engage AI

Engage AI is a free browser extension that helps you write insightful comments on LinkedIn posts, saving you hours of time while increasing touchpoints with

AI Chrome extensions for bringing AI right into your browser.