AI Mobile Apps


CassetteAI is an AI-powered music creation tool that makes music production accessible to everyone. Using Latent Diffusion models, it enables musicians and producers to create

AI Pencil

AI Pencil is a free mobile app which lets you generate AI images, edit existing images, and transform your art into different styles. It uses

Deep Art Effects

Deep Art Effects is a tool that uses deep learning technology to apply artistic styles to images. It you to transform your photos into works


Dream by WOMBO is a free AI art generator with an online web interface and an Android and iOS app. There are several styles to

Bright Eye

Bright Eye is mobile app that offers multiple tools for generating, analyzing, and playing with AI-generated content. A few of the main tools allow you


Piggy lets you create mobile content easily by typing in a few text prompts. Just ask Piggy what you want, for example: “give me 10

Portrait AI

Portrait AI is a free tool which lets you upload a picture or selfie and turn it into a beautiful 18th century style portrait. They


Oscar is an AI mobile app that generates personalized bedtime stories for children. The app features your child as the main character of the story,


Lensa is one of the most popular AI tools for creating your own digital portrait pictures. Lensa allows you to perform facial retouching with the


PhotoRoom is an all-in-one mobile photo editing platform that allows you to create and edit images. It features an erasing feature, so you can easily

BandLab SongStarter

SongStarter is an AI-powered idea generator for creating new music. It offers three unique musical ideas with the option to specify a lyric or even


Reface is a mobile app that allows you to make realistic face swap videos and gifs with just a single selfie. You can morph your

Collection of the best AI apps which can be used on mobile devices (iOS and Android).