AI Mobile Apps

Romantic AI

Romantic AI is an AI-powered virtual girlfriend app that lets you create your dream partner for friendly conversations on any topic. Choose from premade characters


FieldDay is an ML toolkit app available on the App Store for iPhone. With this app, you can unlock the world of AI and machine


FormFusion is an AI-powered fitness app available for iPhone that provides personalized workout guidance and real-time feedback to help you perfect your form. Using your

Rainbow AI

Rainbow AI is an easy-to-use weather forecasting app powered by AI that provides super accurate rain forecasts and future radar predictions for your precise location.


CapCut is an easy-to-use, all-in-one video editing app that offers a number of AI tools with it. The tool is available on desktop as downloadable


Polycam is a user-friendly AI app that makes 3D scanning and modeling accessible to anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Using just your

Rocky is an AI-powered personal development coach and self-improvement chatbot that aims to develop the best future-self for life and career. Engage in regular 5-minute


ChatArt is an AI writer and chatbot for iPhone and Android built with content creators in mind. One of the key features of ChatArt is


FitnessAI is an AI fitness assistant that gives you personalized workouts based on a database of over 5.9 million workouts and 40,000 users. The AI


Huru is an AI-powered app for job interview preparation that helps job seekers and students excel in interviews. It offers immediate feedback and tips on


Soula is an AI-powered mobile app that provides personalized support for expectant and new moms. It features an AI chatbot assistant that can offer round-the-clock


Recast is an AI-powered tool that turns long articles into short, entertaining audio summaries. It has a mobile app, Chrome extension, and web interface that

Collection of the best AI apps which can be used on mobile devices (iOS and Android).