AI Mobile Apps


Woebot is an AI-powered personalized chatbot that aims to offer self-help and mental health support. It offers clinically-tested tools and tactics through quick conversations and

Felo Translator

Felo Translator is a real-time translation app available for iOS and Android. Powered by advanced AI for fast, accurate, real-time voice recognition and translation across


Polycam is a user-friendly AI app that makes 3D scanning and modeling accessible to anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Using just your is an AI-powered mobile learning app that makes acquiring knowledge both fun and social! The app features a magic search bar with the ability


Recast is an AI-powered tool that turns long articles into short, entertaining audio summaries. It has a mobile app, Chrome extension, and web interface that

Deep Art Effects

Deep Art Effects is a tool that uses deep learning technology to apply artistic styles to images. It you to transform your photos into works

Digi AI

Digi AI is a chatbot app that lets you create and chat to your own AI dream companion. It offers stunningly realistic AI-powered romantic connections

PromptAI: Girl Generator

PromptAI stands as the leading NSFW AI Image Generator app available for both iOS and Android users. This platform enables you to craft highly realistic


MentorSocial is a social media platform that connects mentees and mentors through a Q&A dashboard. Its similar to TikTok, but for mentorship!


Gem is a free iOS app that delivers personalized tech and finance news summaries powered by AI. It scans top sources to find the latest

Momo AI

Momo is an AI mobile app that creates personalized itineraries and gives you travel ideas for your trips. Simply answer a few questions about your

Luma AI

Luma AI lets you use your phone’s camera to capture objects and render them as keyframes which can then be imported into game engines like

Collection of the best AI apps which can be used on mobile devices (iOS and Android).