Easy With AI

AI Architecture & Interior Design Tools

DreamHouse AI

DreamHouse AI is an interior design app that uses AI to generate virtual interior designs. You can upload a photo of your room, and the app will generate professionally designed

AI Video Tools


Fliki allows you to turn text into videos using AI. Simply input the URL of a blog article or paste your text, and Fliki will summarize the content, find appropriate

AI Social Media Tools

AI Social Bio

AI Social Bio is a cool generator tool built by Michael & Marc. It allows you to input your job role or a few keywords about yourself and generate a

AI Meeting Assistants


Fathom is a free AI Zoom assistant that can take notes from calls in real-time. It supports seven languages and provides fully transcribed recordings with highlighted moments. Fathom’s summaries can

AI Image Generators


Prodia is a free AI image generator that you can access on their website. It’s currently running Stable Diffusion v1.4 and v1.5 along with the Analog Diffusion and Anythingv3 custom

AI Website Builders

Butternut AI

Butternut AI helps you create a complete, fully functional website in seconds without any coding required. You can customize your website to suit your brand with ease and get automatic

AI Email Tools


SaneBox is an email management tool that uses AI to identify your important messages and hide distractions, keeping your inbox organized and allowing you to focus on what’s important. It

AI Chatbots


ChatCube lets you create a custom ChatGPT for your business. With this tool, you can train a custom AI chatbot on your website’s data. ChatCube also works on any document

AI Writers & Assistants


Contentinator is a Figma plugin that generates realistic and high-quality content for your designs. The plugin lets you upgrade your placeholder text, generate images from a text prompt, and even

AI Social Media Tools


Ocoya is a content creation platform that helps you generate, schedule and publish social media content faster and more efficiently. The tool allows you to create, auto-post and schedule content

AI Marketing Tools

Octane AI

Octane AI is an ecommerce tool tailored towards Shopify store owners for improving their sales and marketing efforts through the use of quizzes, surveys, and product recommendations. It allows companies

AI Content Detectors


Copyleaks is an AI content and plagiarism detector with personal and enterprise tools that can detect digital content generated by an AI, such as ChatGPT, with 99.12% accuracy. Their technology

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