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AI Writers & Assistants

AI Magicx

AI Magicx is an AI-powered content creation platform with over 50 different AI tools. It includes lots of versatile templates and writing assistants, making it easy to create high-quality content

AI Productivity Tools


Tired of screenshot clutter? Trickle is a new AI assistant that neatly organizes and summarizes all your screenshots. Just snap a screenshot and send it to Trickle. Trickle’s advanced AI

AI Research Tools


Otio is an AI-powered research and writing assistant designed to help students, researchers, analysts and professionals alike. It can easily summarize your documents and web content, answering queries based on

AI Image Generators

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is a part of the Adobe Sensei generative AI tools which can help you experiment and create an infinite range of content. Firefly is Adobe’s take on AI

AI Marketing Tools


ADXL is an AI-powered advertising tool that automates and optimizes multi-channel digital ad campaigns. It allows you to easily run ads on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter from

AI Marketing Tools


BlockSurvey lets you easily create surveys in just a few clicks using AI. The tool can be used to generate high-quality, tailored questions for your chosen survey topic, making the

AI Audio Tools


Auphonic is an audio post production service that uses AI and signal processing to automatically improve the quality of recorded audio. It is suitable for use with podcasts, broadcasters, movies,

AI Video Tools

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a powerful video editing software with key features that can enhance creativity and efficiency. It offers AI-powered tools like Smart Cutout for easy object removal, Instant Mode

AI Lifestyle Tools


BirthdayAI is a handy AI mobile app that gives you personalized birthday reminders for all your family, friends, and contacts. The tool can also create AI-generated birthday and event cards!

AI Video Tools


Wave.video is an all-in-one online video creation platform that makes it easy for creators of all levels to edit, record, multi-stream, and host professional-looking videos. Key features include a powerful

AI Portrait & Profile Picture Generators

AI Time Machine

AI Time Machine™ by MyHeritage allows you to upload a photo of yourself and create mind-blowing AI avatars that depict how you may have looked in different periods of history.

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