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AI Image Generators


Midjourney has been surging in popularity lately, and for good reason too! It is regarded as one of the most impressive AI image generators to date. If creativity and art

AI Customer Service Tools


ResolveAI is an AI customer service solution that uses ChatGPT to create conversational AI chatbots. ResolveAI allows you to quickly build your own chatbot tailored to your business needs. You

AI Architecture & Interior Design Tools


DreamStaging is an AI-powered virtual staging solution for real estate marketing. With its AI-generated interiors, you can create dozens of professionally designed and furnished interior variations in minutes, saving you

AI Image Generators

Fineshare AI Zoom Background Generator

Fineshare AI Zoom Background Generator is a tool which allows you to create unique, fun, and creative backgrounds for your Zoom calls. You can use Fineshare AI Zoom Background Generator

AI Voice Assistants


Aya is a ChatGPT-based voice assistant. Talk to her like you would to a normal person. Ask Aya any question, and she’ll respond!

AI Image Generators


Dream by WOMBO is a free AI art generator with an online web interface and an Android and iOS app. There are several styles to choose from when generating your

AI Generated 3D Assets & Textures


DeepMotion is an AI 3D animation platform that offers two unique tools: Animate 3D and SayMotion. Animate 3D can transform video footage into high-quality 3D animations using advanced AI motion

AI Prompt Tools


imAIgic provides a searchable library of high-quality prompts and images created with tools Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. It offers over 1000 vetted prompts curated by an editorial team to help

AI Writers & Assistants

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker AI is a free online tool that uses AI to detect plagiarism and determine if text was written by an AI system like ChatGPT. The tool is able

AI Portrait & Profile Picture Generators

Vana Portrait

Vana offers a free AI portrait generator tool on their website. Simply upload 8 images of your face (there are some guidelines on how to get the best results). You’ll

AI Research Tools


Avidnote is an AI-powered research tool that helps you organize, write, and analyze your academic work more efficiently. With this tool, you can easily upload PDFs to annotate, highlight, and

AI Music Generators


Mubert is an AI-powered platform that allows you to create royalty-free music and soundtracks. The tool is designed for streamers, app builders, filmmakers, and content creators. Mubert uses AI to

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