Easy With AI

AI Image Generators

Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator is a free online image generator, although you do need to register an account to use the tool. There are some cool features in this such as

AI Marketing Tools

SalesCred PRO

SalesCred PRO is an AI-powered platform designed to build sales credibility and accelerate trust for B2B salespeople. This innovative tool offers a range of features to help salespeople establish themselves

AI Video Tools


Quickvid lets you easily create YouTube short videos using AI. The tool will choose random, copyright-free videos that match your keywords and topic, and can also generate a full script

AI Chatbots


Replika is a conversational AI chatbot that can be used as a companion. You can use Replika as a friend, a partner, or a mentor and do activities like chat

AI Social Media Tools


TwitterBio lets you generate your next Twitter or other social media bio in seconds! Simply copy your current bio into the tool, select a vibe, and click “Generate your bio”.

AI Video Tools

Gling AI

Gling AI is a downloadable video editor that can automatically cut out silences and undesirable takes from your raw video recordings. Gling supports a wide range of file formats and

AI Productivity Tools


ChatDOC lets you chat with PDFs and tables to quickly extract information and insights. Sources are cited for fact-checking, this is a ChatGPT based file-reading assistant. Unlike other AI file

AI Translation Tools


BallonTranslator is an advanced comic/manga translation tool that utilizes deep learning. This tool offers a fully automated translation process, including text-detection, recognition, removal, and translation. It works efficiently with manga

AI Voice Tools

FineShare FineVoice

FineShare FineVoice is an AI voice modifier that comes with a real-time voice changer, unlimited audio & sound effects, and a studio-quality voice recorder. FineVoice utilizes advanced speech processing algorithms

AI Video Tools


DeepFaceLab is a deepfake software suite that can be used to create realistic face-swapping videos. It offers an easy-to-use interface and gives high-quality results, allowing you to modify every aspect

AI Story Generators


BedtimeStory.ai helps you create personalized bedtime stories featuring your kids’ favorite characters. It can craft imaginative tales featuring your child and family members as characters, choosing from various genres, art

AI Developer Tools


APIScout.AI lets you compare APIs of ChatGPT and Bard with a side by side response review, token and quota information, detailed API parameters for non developers and developers alike, and

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