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AI Productivity Tools


Unsummary uses AI to generate summaries for books, movies, podcasts, text, and more. The tool has a vast collection of 40 million books that can be summarized, and over 600,000

AI Image Generators


The starryai app is an AI image generator developed for Android and iOS. The app is free but you do need to create an account, and the monetization model means

Free AI Tools


ValidatorAI is an awesome free tool which you can use to get feedback on your startup or business ideas. Type in your business idea and the AI will give you

AI Productivity Tools


Checklist.gg lets you generate a checklist for any goal or project. It can also help streamline SOPs and checklists for organizations, and allows your team members to create custom checklists,

AI Productivity Tools


InfraNodus is a visual GPT-4 powered text analysis tool for identifying the main concepts and gaps between them in survey responses, market discourse, scientific research, and your own ideas. It

Fun AI Tools

WatchNow AI

WatchNow AI is fun AI website that uses ChatGPT to generate personalized movie and TV show recommendations. Get 10 tailored suggestions by inputting your favorite movies or shows!

AI Image Generators


Hotpot AI Art generator let’s you generate image and art in a number of different styles. The tool allows you to select a specific style below your prompt, resulting in

AI Story Generators


MakeMyTale is a fun AI-powered creative story writer that can generate unique, personalized stories at the click of a button. The tool works by letting you choose a theme and

AI Communication Tools

Second Nature AI

Second Nature offers an AI-based conversational sales training software that is designed to improve your marketing and sales skills. The platform lets you practice any type of sales conversation to

AI Chatbots


Chatsimple is a next-generation AI chatbot solution specifically engineered for startups, digital goods sellers, and content creators. Built upon a deep understanding of the unique challenges and hurdles faced by

AI Email Tools

ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer is an AI email assistant in the form of a Chrome extension that helps you write emails, messages, and more. It uses ChatGPT technology to generate high-quality responses

Health & Fitness AI Tools

Glass AI

Glass AI is an experimental tool developed by Glass Health that combines a large language model with a clinical knowledge database. It aims to provide differential diagnosis or clinical plan

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