AI Generated 3D Assets & Textures is a text-to-3D tool that makes creating high-quality 3D models as easy as writing a text prompt. Just type in an item or object,


Meshy is an AI-powered toolkit that allows anyone to generate detailed 3D models from text prompts or convert 2D images to 3D models in minutes

Polycam Material Generator

Polycam’s free AI Material Generator tool allows you to easily create realistic 3D textures just by typing a text prompt. Simply describe the type of


Polycam is a user-friendly AI app that makes 3D scanning and modeling accessible to anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Using just your


Sloyd is an AI-powered online 3D model generator that allows you to easily create customizable, game-ready 3D assets through an intuitive text-to-3D interface. It provides


Charmed is a web-based toolkit that uses AI to assist game developers in the creation of 3D art assets for video games and other applications.

Animate Anything

Animate Anything is an AI animation tool that lets you rig and animate your 3D models. Simply upload your static 3D models and the AI


Fabricator is a ‘text-to-texture’ generative AI for digital fabrics, which enables you to instantly create original, customizable, high-res, commercially licensed 3D fabric textures with PBR

Assets AI

Assets AI offers unique, original game assets for you to use in your game design and development. Prices start at $2.99 per asset and you

Luma AI

Luma AI lets you use your phone’s camera to capture objects and render them as keyframes which can then be imported into game engines like


Mootion allows you to easily generate animated 3D characters and scenes using text prompts or videos as a base. To get started, simply describe the


Rokoko is a free AI tool which lets you capture motion capture straight from your phone or webcam. You can also upload a video and

These AI tools let you generate assets for your game or project. Create your own textures and 3D models with no previous experience necessary, then export them straight into your game or engine!