Haly AI

Haly AI is an AI-powered virtual assistant for Slack that helps teams stay compliant with regulations like HIPAA, PCI, and more. Some of Haly’s key features include:

  • EasyAudit – Effortlessly audits messages in Slack to identify non-compliant content according to major regulations. Provides instant insights into gaps.
  • Content Generation – Quickly generates policies, training materials, emails, social posts and more to aid compliance. Helps teams create compliant content fast.
  • Conversation – Answers questions on regulations and provides guidance on compliance best practices through back-and-forth chat.

Haly AI is designed for compliance officers, legal teams, IT professionals and other leaders who need to ensure their organizations stay compliant. In a nutshell, it streamlines audits and content creation to save time and reduce risk. Teams can try a free version to experience the benefits first-hand before installing the full app through their workspace admin.