Fun AI Tools

Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator

Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator is an immersive escape room game where you interact with an intelligent AI girlfriend character powered by ChatGPT. This game has


InstaNovel uses GPT-3 and Dall-E 2 to generate personalized mini-novels with just a single prompt. Simply enter a prompt and choose a visual style to


WhatTheBeat is a fun tool which lets you find the meaning of your favorite songs. Simply search for your favorite artist or song and find

Hello History

Hello History is a mobile app which lets you chat with famous historical figures. It uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 AI model and has hundreds of personas


MagicType is a free AI text generator which lets you create stylish, short text such as poems, haikus, song lyrics, and even wise quotes! is a revolutionary AI tool which lets you… generate a new Drake track. Seriously, you just type in your song idea with or without

Dream Interpreter & Dictionary

Unlock the mysteries of your subconscious with this AI-powered Dream Interpreter! This unique platform allows users to dive deep into their nocturnal narratives, shedding light

Ideas AI

Get unique startup ideas with Ideas AI, a free AI website using OpenAI’s GPT-3. Each time you refresh the page a new startup idea will


Songhunt is a fun music recommendation tool developed by MyPart that uses AI to find songs based on musical qualities, lyrics, and sound. This tool


DrawnBy.AI lets you create unique artwork for your pet with just a single image. Simply upload photos of your pet and the AI will study

Date Planner AI

Date Planner is an AI-powered dating dashboard that helps singles plan unique, personalized dates. It generates customized date ideas and conversation starters so users can

AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon is a text-based game that uses AI to generate an endless, unique story based on your text prompts and decisions. It allows players

These fun AI tools and games are a great way to keep you occupied if you’re looking to kill some time! Or perhaps you’re just curious about AI and want to see some fun implementations.