Fun AI Tools


CatGPT (yes it really does exist, this is not a typo) is a fun and exciting AI tool that lets you chat with a virtual

Animated Drawings

Animated Drawings by Meta AI Research is a fun app which uses AI to animate character drawings and sketches. This is a great way to


Tori is a fun AI-powered Chrome extension that lets you create a custom virtual companion to help you stay focused. By interacting and chatting with

Roast My Desk

Roast My Desk is a fun, free AI website that lets you upload a photo of your workspace setup and have the AI roast it

Call Sign Generator

Call Sign Generator is a powerful tool that enables you to create unique call signs tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re a pilot, gamer,


Avtars lets you chat with your favorite celebrities by giving you the unique opportunity to talk and interact with their AI-powered avatars. The platform already


DrawnBy.AI lets you create unique artwork for your pet with just a single image. Simply upload photos of your pet and the AI will study is a fun word guessing game that uses AI to play charades. You are shown an image generated by DALL-E and have 5 chances

Ideas AI

Get unique startup ideas with Ideas AI, a free AI website using OpenAI’s GPT-3. Each time you refresh the page a new startup idea will

Magic Tellers

Magic Tellers is an AI-powered service that lets you create personalized stories, children’s books, and coloring books. The platform has a database of story templates


Buenoverse is a fun AI-powered game where you can create 2D virtual worlds with friends in real-time. Its smart AI lets you quickly generate stunning

Momento AI

Momento AI is a personalized AI companion available as a Google Chrome extension. Momento can give you recommendations based on your favorite shows, moves, restaurants,

These fun AI tools and games are a great way to keep you occupied if you’re looking to kill some time! Or perhaps you’re just curious about AI and want to see some fun implementations.