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Developers and advertisers can submit their tool to Easy With AI for increased exposure. By submitting your AI tool with us, you’ll not only be getting more eyes on your product, you’ll be helping contribute towards the ever-growing AI industry and making it more accessible for everyone!

Why List With Us?

Easy With AI has over a million monthly visitors from all over the world. Our audience has a huge interest in AI and would be eager to try out your tool!

Traffic Statistics

  • Top countries – United States, India, China, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany
  • Monthly visitors – 1,000,000 – 1,500,000
  • Average daily page views: 50,000
  • Average monthly outbound clicks: 800,000 (We cannot guarantee clicks to your website, but you can improve your click-through ratio by having a unique tool name and relevant keywords)

You can check out our website’s SimilarWeb stats here.

Once listed, your tool will remain on Easy With AI indefinitely – listings don’t expire! The link to your tool will be dofollow, and can be a valuable backlink to your SEO.

Want to make a change to your listing? Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll update your listing as fast as possible. This can include things such as URL changes, updating the cover image, description, etc.

We want AI to grow and we want to see new tools succeed. That’s why we’ve tried to make our listing fee fair and affordable. Our $79.99 one-time listing fee is up to 2x cheaper when compared to similar AI directories!

Sponsorship Options


Common questions about tool listings

It costs $79.99 to list a tool. This is a one-time payment and once complete your tool will be listed forever.

We handle all our payments through Stripe. Stripe allows you to pay with various different payment methods – including card, bank transfer, Google Pay, and more.

We also accept PayPal payments. If you would like to pay using PayPal, please reach out to us via email at [email protected].

Tool submissions are usually reviewed and listed within 24 hours of being submitted. Check back the day after to see your tool live on the site!

Tip – Searching to see if your tool has been listed? Try using the real-time search on the homepage! It has a much better filter and algorithm compared to the basic search.

Yes, it is possible to edit your listing by emailing us at [email protected] with your requested changes. Please use the subject “Update tool listing – tool name“.

Yes! We offer two different sponsorship options to get even more exposure to your AI tool/product – featured homepage listings and featured category listings. Featured homepage listings appear at the top of the homepage and last for 7 days, and also include other benefits & perks to help get you more views.

  • You can purchase a homepage featured listing here.

Our category featured listings allow you to showcase your tool at the top of your primary category page. These also come with other benefits & perks, similar to our homepage featured listings.

  • You can purchase a category featured listing here.

The homepage and category pages are automatically randomized for every visitor. This way, we can give equal exposure to all tools that have been listed.

Try it yourself – if you close your browser and visit the homepage again, all the tools will have randomized! It is very likely that your tool will be shown at the top for some of our visitors. Returning visitors will also see a different set of tools each time.

If you want to get your tool shown on the front page, check out our featured listings.

We do allow NSFW tools, but we have a very strict sexual content policy. If your tool is NSFW, we cannot show any sexual or explicit content; this includes images, language, and any other sort of media. If your tool’s name contains a sexually suggestive word or content, we will have to censor it or it may not appear on the site.

Please note that NSFW tools are excluded from the homepage search – they are still visible through categories, however.

We manually review every tool that is submitted. If your tool isn’t approved for any reason, you will receive a full refund on your listing fee. Common reasons for a tool not being approved can be because it doesn’t use AI or it is already listed. Please make sure to include your tools URL when paying the one-time listing fee.

If needed, you can find a direct link to the payment form here.

No, we cannot guarantee that listing your AI tool on Easy With AI will give you sales or traffic. Based on our traffic stats, it is likely that you will receive some clicks to your tool/website. As our website grows, so does your chance for exposure!

Many factors can increase your chance of visits, such as having a unique tool name, use case, and good keywords. When we list your tool, we take all of this into account and will strive to get you the best exposure possible.