AI Chatbots

Character.AI allows you to interact and chat with various AI-generated characters. Users can create their own characters or interact with pre-built characters. You do need


ChatGPT is a conversational artificial intelligence language tool that can understand text prompts and carry on conversations in multiple languages. It is based on OpenAI’s


Onesta has an AI-powered chatbot that allows you to ask any finance-related questions. It’s important to note that the answers from the AI are not

Sidekick (by Jigso)

Sidekick is an AI-powered Slackbot that serves as your personal business assistant. With Sidekick, you can ask questions in natural language to your organizational apps,


Luminaries is a collection of AI coaching chatbots that can assist you in various different aspects such as relationships, finance, mental health, and more. The


GPT4All is an open-source assistant-style large language model that can be installed and run locally from a compatible machine. The AI model was trained on

eesel AI

Eesel AI lets you connect your Google Docs, Confluence, Notion and more with ChatGPT. The tool works by allowing you to build an oracle that


Chai allows users to communicate with AI chatbots and is available on their website and as a mobile app. The platform offers a variety of


Kansei is an free AI chatbot app that makes language learning fun and easy. You can chat with personalized companions in Spanish, English, Italian or


Chatsimple is a next-generation AI chatbot solution specifically engineered for startups, digital goods sellers, and content creators. Built upon a deep understanding of the unique


Woebot is an AI-powered personalized chatbot that aims to offer self-help and mental health support. It offers clinically-tested tools and tactics through quick conversations and


MindOS is an AI-powered platform that offers a digital workforce of AI avatars to assist you in various tasks. The marketplace features quite a few

Discover the most powerful AI chatbots. Whether it’s for business or purely for entertainment, these AI chatbots will have you captivated with some of their life-like responses.