AI Coding Tools


Refraction is an AI-powered code generation tool for developers that refactors code, generates documentation, creates unit tests, and more. It uses AI to automatically generate


Sketch is an AI code-writing assistant for pandas users that is available on GitHub. It understands the context of your data, and can greatly improve


Bito is excited to announce their new release:1) BitoAI: Describe your project, select color, pick a style, generate beautiful designs for your website, dashboard, landing


ChatGPT is a conversational artificial intelligence language tool that can understand text prompts and carry on conversations in multiple languages. It is based on OpenAI’s


OverflowAI is a new set of AI-powered products and features being added to Stack Overflow’s public platform and Stack Overflow for Teams. The goal is is Hashnode’s AI-powered search companion optimized specifically for developers. Rix combines an AI search engine, chatbot, and pair programming capabilities into one powerful app.

Warp AI

Warp is a terminal for developers that now integrates AI for debugging, command search, and problem-solving. With AI Command Search and Command Prediction, Warp suggests


Digma is an AI-powered code insights tool that gives developers continuous feedback to accelerate development cycles. It integrates into your IDE and dev tools to


Docuo is an AI tool created by Spreading that handles the creation of your knowledge base and product documentation for you. At the core of


Codeium is an AI coding tool that helps developers make changes in unfamiliar languages or codebases by allowing them to type out comments in natural


MARS is a free, low-code platform for building web and mobile applications. It allows developers to create their applications using micro apps, and offers the

Noodl AI

Noodl AI is a no-code platform that utilizes AI technology to automate and simplify app development. With its user-friendly visual interface, Noodl empowers users to

These AI tools can be used by coders to improve their workflow and for problem solving. With the recent advancements to AI generated text and writing assistants, you can now find many tools which offer great code generation and modification.