AI Coding Tools


Phind is an AI-powered search engine and chatbot that provides instant answers to questions instead of having to dig through hours of search results. It


MARS is a free, low-code platform for building web and mobile applications. It allows developers to create their applications using micro apps, and offers the

GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is an AI coding assistant that suggests code in real-time as you write in your preferred editor. It uses the OpenAI Codex and


Buildt is an AI coding assistant currently in Alpha stage of development. The tool allows you to search for code snippets fast and easily. Just

Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon CodeWhisperer is an ML-powered AI coding assistant that helps developers build applications faster by providing real-time code recommendations in their integrated development environment (IDE).


GPT-Engineer is an open-source agent that can help with code building. Simply describe what you want to build and the AI will ask clarifying questions


DeepSeek is a free and open-source collection of large language models which offer two main models – DeepSeek Chat and DeepSeek Coder. These models can


Neverinstall AI is a personal AI computer assistant based in the cloud. It can perform a number of tasks and can instantly download and install


Safurai is an AI coding assistant that provides solutions and suggestions for coding, debugging, and refactoring to improve workflow and code quality. Its features include


MutableAI is an AI-accelerated software development tool to quickly create high-quality code with ease. It has an autocomplete feature which saves time on boilerplate and


Devin is an AI coding assistant that can function as a fully autonomous software engineer, able to plan and execute complex coding tasks requiring thousands


Tabnine is an AI coding assistant that can complete lines of code based on context and syntax. It helps developers write high-quality, consistent code faster

These AI tools can be used by coders to improve their workflow and for problem solving. With the recent advancements to AI generated text and writing assistants, you can now find many tools which offer great code generation and modification.