AI Educational Tools


Huru is an AI-powered app for job interview preparation that helps job seekers and students excel in interviews. It offers immediate feedback and tips on


ChatPDF allows you to talk to your PDF documents as if they were human. It’s perfect for quickly extracting information or answering questions from large


BookCoach is a fun and educational tool developed using GetGPT. It allows you to ask any questions to a book and get informative answers. Currently,

Caktus AI

Caktus AI is an AI-powered learning platform developed for both students and teachers alike. The platform includes useful tools such as an essay writer, personal

Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is an AI chat and search engine that uses advanced technology to provide direct answers to your queries. It delivers accurate answers using


AllSearch is a useful AI tool which lets you search through thousands of books. Ask any question and the AI will generate an answer using


LearnAnything lets you generate a learning roadmap for any subject or skill. Simply tell the AI what you are looking to learn, for example “How


ChatDOC lets you chat with PDFs and tables to quickly extract information and insights. Sources are cited for fact-checking, this is a ChatGPT based file-reading


GAJIX is a cutting-edge AI learning assistant designed to revolutionize the way you learn and master new subjects. Combining advanced AI technology with a user-friendly


MentorSocial is a social media platform that connects mentees and mentors through a Q&A dashboard. Its similar to TikTok, but for mentorship!


Zaplingo is an AI tutor that helps with language learning for those studying English. You can chat to your own AI English tutor on WhatsApp

AI Job Interview Coach

AI Job Interview Coach is a platform designed to enhance job interview performance and boost confidence. With personalized coaching and expert guidance, users can effectively

AI can be a powerful educational tool for both students and teachers alike. These educational AI tools will allow you to access learning resources faster and research all sorts of subjects. Many teachers have begun using AI tools to streamline their marking and grading process for their students homework.