LongShot is a powerful AI writing assistant and content generator, it could be a good choice if you’re looking for long-form content generation like articles and blog posts. There are lots of features which let you fine-tune your text generations such as content rephrasing, this can be handy if you’re using it as an assistant writing tool. Along with it’s automation toolset there is a great customer support team who will help you out if you run into any issues with the tool.

LongShot does have competitors, namely Copy.ai, Jasper and Rytr. Interestingly, LongShot has actually included a comparison table against their competitors which you can view below. This doesn’t necessarily mean LongShot is better than all the others though, from my personal experience most of these tools tend to have their own unique spin on content generation and can apply to different use cases. Jasper or Copy.ai might be the better option if you’re building a full website with lots of articles and want the writing style to remain consistent.

LongShot excels at creating coherent long-form content, however it’s also great at short-form content such as product descriptions and summaries too. In addition, it also suggests keywords, titles, and layouts for your created content. The generated content is usually high quality and requires little personalization or editing.


See the chart below for LongShot’s pricing plans. You can get a 5-day trial for $1 if you sign up using our link! The trial should give you enough time to experiment with the tool and see how its features and capabilities line up with your specific use cases.