AI to Defend Human in Landmark Court Case

Get ready for the future, folks! Artificial intelligence is about to make its mark in the courtroom for the very first time. According to reports, an AI robot is set to advise a defendant during their trial. I know, If I said this 10 years ago people might have called me crazy!

The AI will be placed in the defendant’s phone and will listen in on proceedings before giving advice through an earpiece. The robot has been developed as an app called DoNotPay, which calls itself “the world’s first robot lawyer.” The app was founded by Joshua Browder and originally created to fight parking tickets, but has since expanded to offer a range of services including assistance with college fees, helping users communicate with inmates, and facilitating divorce certificates.

While some people are a bit nervous about using AI in a legal setting, it could open up some interesting doors for the future. DoNotPay is a subscription service that costs $36 per year and claims to allow users to “fight corporations, beat bureaucracy, and sue anyone at the press of a button.” It offers all sorts of features, like advice on avoiding parking tickets and creating fake phone and credit card numbers to avoid extra fees and filter out spam.

The AI court case is set to take place in February, but exact dates and locations are being kept under wraps. It’ll be super interesting to see how the AI performs in the courtroom and whether it could lead to the use of more AI in legal proceedings in the future.