10 Free AI Tools You Need to Try!

AI is evolving fast and new tools are popping up all the time, but most of these tools are either subscription-based or locked behind a paywall. Free AI tools, on the other hand, and high in demand, and we’ve came across a few which are definitely worth checking out! We won’t include ChatGPT on this list, since just about everyone on the internet has heard of it by now. There are still many more free AI tools to play with, some of which do have some seriously great use cases. The following tools are 100% free to use, and while they may not be running on the most powerful AI models out there, they can still be super useful for many different things; especially if you end up utilizing a few of them together!

Top 10 Free AI Tools

Namelix generates free business names for you. Simply give the tool a few keywords about your niche and it will generate lots of unique, creative business names. The tool can also generate minimalistic logos too, however, you may be required to pay to use any creatives other than the business name.

Looking to generate motion capture but don’t want to buy all the expensive motion-tracking equipment? Rokoko’s got you covered! This tool lets you record and capture motion capture straight from your mobile phone, and you can even import it into Blender with their plugin. They offer advanced features for a price, but the main tool is completely free to use.

Character.AI is a hidden gem if you’re looking for a free AI text generator! There are lots of premade AI avatars that you can chat to, some of which are supposedly more “intelligent” than others. If you’re looking for a smart copywriter or paraphraser, the “LAMBDA” character can work pretty well!

If you’re a music producer looking for an easy way to split your audio tracks into stems, LALAL.AI is a good free solution. The AI audio splitter is completely free to use, the only limitation is the 10 minute max track length, and you’re only able to use your tracks commercially if you purchase the tool.

ValidatorAI lets you get feedback and pointers on your business ideas. Just tell the AI your business model or what you’re hoping to build, and it will give you some feedback and constructive criticism on your business idea! This is a great free tool for young entrepreneurs who might not have the money or connections for professional advice.

Namy works great with Namelix, as listed above. Instead of generating a business name, this tool will generate URL domain ideas for your business. It will also tell you if the domain is already registered or not – super handy!

Craiyon isn’t the most powerful AI image generator, but it’s one of the only ones that is fully free. It’s fast too – usually only takes about 10-20 seconds to generate a load of different images. Craiyon used to be called DALL-E Mini, so you might have already used it! 

It generates 9 images per prompt, although the image quality is sometimes not the best. If you’re looking for a fun and free image generator it’s pretty great! If you’re after something for more commercial purposes, we’d recommend Jasper Art or Midjourney

Have you ever seen those deepfake videos that look way too realistic? DeepFaceLive is a free, open-source tool which lets you create them in real-time! It does require some setting up, unfortunately, as the tool is only available on a GitHub page for now. You’ll have to download and set it up to work with your webcam or video footage. The results from this are eerily realistic and can make for some great fun with your friends!

Bearly is an awesome, free, all-in-one assistant which can help you write content, grammar correction, and more. It’s free to download on Windows, Mac and Linux and lets you activate different AI tools with keyboard shortcuts. There’s a useful video on the website which shows how you can use Bearly.

Uberduck is one of the best open-source text-to-speech AI tools there is, and it’s free! The amount of voices already available on Uberduck is staggering, and it also lets you upload your own audio to train your own AI voice. You do need to sign up to be able to use it, though.

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