Stability AI Announces Partnership With Krikey AI to Provide New Text-to-Animation AI Tool

Stability AI, a technology firm specializing in image diffusion AI, has partnered with Krikey AI, a company providing animated AI avatars, to launch a new innovative AI animation tool. The new tool enables users to generate animations in minutes using a simple text phrase. With the tool, users will be able to export their animations as video files or fbx files to their social media accounts, 3D game engines, or film editing software of choice.

A New Tool for AI Generated Animations

On February 7, 2023, Krikey AI announced its new partnership with Stability AI to launch an AI animation tool [1]. The Krikey AI Text-to-Animation tool is designed to be an easy way to create and export animated characters using simple text prompts. This innovative tool will enable anyone, regardless of their level of experience, to create their own animations in just minutes!

The AI animation tool is a simple yet powerful tool that combines artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning to generate animations. The tool will make use of pre-trained machine learning models and 3D character animations to create characters that move and interact in an environment. The tool can animate characters based on what the user inputs into the prompt, making it highly versatile and easy to use.

Exporting Animations

Once users have created their animations, they can export them as video files or fbx files. This feature allows users to share their animations with their friends on social media and upload them to a number of different game engines. This easy-to-use feature makes it simple to bring your characters to life and share them with others.

A Partnership for Innovation

The partnership between Stability AI and Krikey AI is expected to lead to new innovations in the animation industry. The partnership combines Krikey AI’s expertise in AI tools and computer vision with Stability AI’s experience in image diffusion and machine learning. Together, these two companies will be able to push the boundaries of what is possible in the AI animation industry.

Krikey AI – Founded in 2021, focused on creating AI-powered tools that enable users to create, edit and share content in innovative ways. Specialized tools for generating AI animated avatars.

Stability AI – Specializes in developing open-source artificial intelligence models for various industries, most notably their Stable Diffusion model. The company’s expertise in AI and machine learning will be essential in driving the development of the new animation tool, which requires advanced machine learning models to generate the 3D character animations.

The partnership between Stability AI and Krikey AI is a significant step forward for the AI animation scene. The partnership combines the strengths of both companies, and is expected to lead to further innovation. With this new tool, the future of AI animation looks bright! AI image generators such as Stable Diffusion and Midjourney have seen significant growth and improvements in the recent months, so it’s exciting that we may be seeing the same developments being made with animation, too.

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