LinkedIn Goes All in on AI

LinkedIn recently announced several major new AI-powered products and features coming soon to the popular social media recruiting platform. The goal of these new tools is to streamline hiring and upskilling for HR professionals by utilizing artificial intelligence capabilities. In this article, we’ll go over a few of the key changes and upcoming AI features that are expected to launch in the near future.

Recruiting & Hiring

For recruiting, LinkedIn unveiled their next-generation platform called Recruiter 2024. This new recruiter experience aims to leverage AI to make the hiring process faster and more efficient for both companies and recruiters. The AI-powered Recruiter will allow talent acquisition teams to use natural language when searching for candidates based on the requirements of a specific role. LinkedIn’s AI will be able to understand the hiring need and suggest qualified candidates that are a good match.

One major benefit is that the AI search functionality will pull candidates from a much wider pool, beyond just brand name companies. This aims to reduce bias in hiring by expanding the talent pool. Additionally, Recruiter 2024 will provide real-time guidance to recruiters to expand or refine the search based on available talent. For example, it may suggest new locations to consider or skills that are growing fastest for that role. A new integration called CRM Connect will also connect Recruiter 2024 with existing CRM systems to improve workflow across platforms.


On the educational side of things, LinkedIn is also launching AI coaching features within LinkedIn Learning. This will provide on-demand expert advice to learners through AI chatbots. The AI coach will offer personalized recommendations and real-time guidance on high demand skills like leadership and management. It will ask questions tailored to the learner’s specific role and goals, then provide responses and content suggestions based on its training.

  • This aims to make the knowledge of LinkedIn’s 3,000+ instructors more accessible to every learner who needs help.
  • The individualized support from the AI coach will help learners build critical skills faster.

Release Date

These new AI products represent a major investment by LinkedIn in artificial intelligence technology. The tools are currently in limited pilot testing and expected to roll out more widely later this year and throughout 2024. The overarching objective is to utilize AI to simplify tasks for talent professionals so they can devote more time to strategic initiatives and relationship building.

For more details and information on the planned upcoming features, you can read the full blog post that was originally published on LinkedIn here:

It comes as no major surprise that LinkedIn has opted to integrate AI features onto its platform, especially as there has been a surge of recruitment-focused AI tools and services as of late. What do you think about these upcoming features – will you be utilizing the new AI tools on LinkedIn once they are fully accessible?