Developer Turns Logan Paul’s Scam Game Into a Real Game Using Stable Diffusion

A YouTuber by the name of yipy has just finished his hilarious new project which involved turning Logan Paul’s scam-labelled game into a real thing. Interestingly, he used Stable Diffusion to generate all of the images for the game! He stated he mosty used the CGI_Animation model for generating the animals, which can be downloaded on HuggingFace here.

The game is fully functioning and can actually be accessed at The creator has stated that he doesn’t encourage spending your real money on it, only if you want to support his efforts. It’s a super interesting and funny project, but at the same time, highlights some questions around why Logan Paul and his team were never actually able to produce a working product. If this lone developer was able to pull this off in a few hours – surely a fully paid team would be able to create something similar, right?

See below to watch the full video about the project which was uploaded on the creators YouTube channel.