DeFi Lens

DeFi Lens combines popular analytics tools in the crypto market and the power of generative AI. DeFi Lens is a fusion of AI and Web3 to approach real-time market intelligence to facilitate a Web3 future that is more efficient, and accessible than ever before. It offers a number of useful tools for traders, including an “AI Explainer” feature which can break down any crypto chart into an easy to understand analysis.

Key Features

  • Token Search: 31+ preference settings to conduct alpha search. Drag & drop to pinpoint the exact tokens you’re looking for. Powered by real-time market data aggregation, TA Indicators, Macro events reports, and AI assistance.
  • Chart Explainer: Effortlessly analyze 40+ chart patterns to uncover potential trading opportunities through clear natural language insights.
  • Similar Chart: Decode historical patterns across various tokens to reveal hidden correlations and predict price movement.