Introduction to Generative AI Studio


The “Introduction to Generative AI Studio” is a one-day introductory course offered by Google Cloud Skills Boost. This course aims to provide participants with an understanding of Generative AI Studio, a product on Vertex AI. Generative AI Studio enables users to prototype and customize generative AI models, empowering them to leverage the capabilities of these models in their applications. Throughout the course, learners will gain insights into the features and options of Generative AI Studio through practical demonstrations.

Subjects Covered:

Participants in this course will explore the following subjects:

  • An overview of Generative AI Studio and its role in AI development.
  • Understanding the various options available within Generative AI Studio.
  • Hands-on exploration of the Generative AI Studio language tool.

Course Features:

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Easy learning curve
  • Full video playlist with key learning chapters available on this page

Key Learning Outcomes:

By completing this course, learners will:

  • Gain familiarity with Generative AI Studio and its purpose in AI model development.
  • Acquire knowledge about the different features and options provided by Generative AI Studio.
  • Learn how to effectively utilize Generative AI Studio through practical demonstrations.
  • Assess their understanding through a quiz that tests their knowledge of the course content.

Target Audience:

This course is designed for the following audience:

  • Professional app developers seeking to integrate generative AI capabilities into their applications.
  • Data scientists interested in exploring and customizing generative AI models for various projects.


Upon finishing the required course items and passing the quiz, participants will be awarded a badge of completion. These badges can be viewed on their profile and shared with their social network, showcasing the skills they have developed through the course. Please note that while course materials like videos and documents are free, labs may require an individual subscription or credits to access. Completion of all required activities is necessary to earn the course completion badge.