GummySearch is an AI-based audience research tool for Reddit. It allows you to systematically research what people are talking about, and how they feel about your competition and your industry. You can use it to find pain points and solutions asking to be built, content ideas to create, or sales leads to connect with.

GummySearch helps you find other individuals in online communities who might be interested in your goods and services. You can use GummySearch to discover communities relevant to your target market, and conversations where you may contribute your own resources. To ensure that you’re always in the right place at the right time, set up custom notifications to be alerted of new conversations that match your criteria.

It is a useful tool for finding the voice of your customer. You don’t have to waste your time scrolling through countless Reddit discussions to find out what your audience wants. With GummySearch, you have those insights served to you in a digestible format. It is also free to try, and the premium features can be purchased via a subscription or a day pass.