AI Essay Checker

AI Essay Checker is a free online tool designed to help students and professionals analyze their writing to create error-free and original essays. The platform uses advanced AI to detect AI-generated content, plagiarism, and grammatical errors, ensuring that your writing maintains its authenticity and academic integrity. Simply paste your essay into the text box and click “Check Plagiarism” or “Detect AI Essay” to get started.

Key Features

  1. AI Content Detection: With the rapid advancement of AI language models, it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish AI-generated content from human-written text. AI Essay Checker’s technology accurately identifies AI-generated content, allowing you to ensure your work is 100% original.
  2. Plagiarism Scanner: Plagiarism can have severe consequences, both academically and professionally. AI Essay Checker’s built-in plagiarism scanner compares your text against billions of web pages and academic sources, flagging any instances of unintentional copying.
  3. Grammar and Spelling Checker: Perfect your writing with AI Essay Checker’s real-time grammar and spelling corrections. This feature identifies and suggests fixes for common errors, helping you polish your work to a professional standard.