Claude is a free AI assistant chatbot created by Anthropic. The tool is similar to ChatGPT, Bard, and other LLM chatbots, meaning you can have natural conversations and ask the AI questions, look up information, perform tasks, and lots more. Claude learns from past conversations to improve its abilities over time. Anthropic recently announced the Claude 2 update which improves the chatbot significantly! You can now upload documents like PDF, txt, and csv that the AI can summarize for you. Here are some tips for using the chatbot, given by none other than Claude itself:

  • Ask open-ended questions to get Claude’s opinion or analysis on something. For example, “What are the pros and cons of solar power?”
  • Make requests clear and specific. Claude will try to understand, but may need clarification.
  • You can ask Claude to explain concepts, summarize articles or passages, and give definitions.
  • If Claude seems confused, try rephrasing your request using simpler language.
  • Tell Claude when it has made a mistake so it can learn for the future.
  • The more you chat with Claude, the more it will learn your speech patterns and preferences to improve conversations.