Moises: The Musician’s App

Moises is an AI-powered music app that helps musicians practice, create, and remix songs. Its main features include vocal removal to isolate instruments, custom tempo/pitch adjustment, chord detection, and audio mastering tools. The app is available on web, desktop, iOS, and Android.

You can load in any song and Moises will detect elements like the key, BPM, chords, and individual tracks. Then you can mute the vocals, extract the guitar part to play along to, slow down the tempo to learn tricky sections, transpose to another key, view chord changes, and more. Whether you want to practice, produce original tracks, or remix songs, Moises provides an impressive array of AI tools to musicians. While the free plan is limited to 5 audio separations per month, it still gives you access to the speed changer and key and chord detections tools.