Riku is a central platform for building AI prompts and models using technology from OpenAI, Cohere, AI21, and GPT-J. It allows you to easily switch


Quickchat is a no-code solution for building your own AI customer service chatbot. It allows you to create an AI assistant that is customized to

Pollinations is an easy to use AI image generator which runs on Stable Diffusion. The website features a simple UI to input your prompts and

OpenAI GPT-3

OpenAI’s GPT-3 is the 3rd generation of OpenAI’s advanced deep learning text generator tool. GPT-3 has been used to create articles, poetry, stories, news reports


TextCortex is an AI text and content generator that automates the writing process for marketing, sales, and website content. It can be integrated with over


Puddl is a free analytics tool designed specifically for OpenAI API users. With Puddl, you can effortlessly track and analyze your OpenAI costs, gaining valuable

Reply is the AI-driven sales engagement platform that helps businesses find new prospects, engage them through multiple channels, and create new opportunities at scale while lets you build your own AI agents – no coding required! Forget lengthy development cycles and expensive machine learning teams. With you can


Backengine allows you to create, test, and instantly deploy backend APIs powered by large language models without any code or infrastructure. Its main features include


AssemblyAI offers a comprehensive AI-powered Speech-to-Text API to transcribe and analyze audio for a variety of use cases. It can be used for summarization, content

Rev AI

Rev offers multiple AI solutions for transcribing speech to text. You can currently use it to get 20 hours of AI-powered transcripts and captions, unlimited


Evoke allows devs and businesses building AI apps to avoid expensive and time consuming cloud setup by hosting open source AI models on the cloud

AI APIs that can be integrated into your workspace or business. These APIs can help optimize and automate important tasks, and offer innovative AI features and services for your brand which let you stand out from the crowd!