Stable Diffusion WebUI Forge

Stable Diffusion WebUI Forge is an optimized platform built on top of the Stable Diffusion AUTOMATIC1111 interface that brings enhanced resource management and speeds up inference. It intelligently manages GPU memory usage to increase maximum resolution by 2-3x and batch size by 4-6x on mid-range GPUs. Forge also introduces a breakthrough “UNet Patcher” that simplifies implementing extensions like video diffusion and Zero123 in just 100 lines of code. Forge brings additional features like masked control nets and samplers not found in the original WebUI. It is fully open source and retains the familiar Automatic1111 interface.

Forge offers a one-click installer package on the GitHub repository that bundles Git and Python for a quick and easy setup. You can also install from source by cloning the GitHub repository, installing prerequisites like Git and Python, and running the launch script.