AI Horde

AI Horde is a free, open source, community-powered distributed computing platform for AI image and text generation. It enables anyone to access leading AI models like Stable Diffusion and various LLMs from a browser or app without needing an expensive GPU. The network runs thanks to volunteers contributing spare computing resources from their GPUs. In return, contributors gain priority access and faster job processing. An active community provides support and tracks usage via a virtual token called Kudos. AI Horde also has their own Discord server, just use this invite link to join.

You can make image requests with an anonymous account. However:

  • Your usage will not be tracked, so you won’t accumulate any priority or credits.
  • If the system gets overloaded, anonymous access could get disabled.
  • You miss out on features like saving generation history, managing multiple keys, etc.
  • You’ll have lower priority so requests take longer to fulfill.

If you choose not to register, you don’t need to contribute any GPU hardware to use AI Horde. The whole point is that it allows those without expensive hardware to leverage the pooled resources from volunteers. That said, if you can afford to contribute any GPU power, then it does help the project greatly.