Wharton Professor Outlines Rules on Use of AI for Students

A professor from Wharton school has outlined a number of rules for his students to follow regarding the use of AI, in particular: the use of ChatGPT. Many professors have been worried about the use of this tool in the classroom, while some have openly embraced it. It’s surely a powerful resource for students, some people have even compared it to the calculator for language! Whilst it can help students greatly, it’s important to make sure their education is not affected by it, and that students still have the strive to gain new knowledge and skills.

Outlined in the image below is a set of rules the Wharton professor has decided to give students regarding the use of ChatGPT in their class. The policy states that students should attempt to learn how to use ChatGPT and AI, the professor even offers tutorials on how to use it and other AI tools. Another rule is that all assignments which have utilized ChatGPT, must clearly state so at the bottom of the assignment, along with how the tool was used.

It’s still very early days for ChatGPT, but the fact this professor has written this policy for their class shows just how important and powerful it can be. By creating a clear policy for students, it also minimizes the risk of assignments being completely written by ChatGPT, which is a major concern for many teachers. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out in the classroom. Over the next few years, we can expect even more educators to begin embracing AI writers and research tools, so long as it doesn’t harm the education of their students.

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