Belly Buddy

Belly Buddy is a personalized digestive help app that helps people with digestion problems to identify food intolerances and overcome digestive health issues.

With a simple daily food log and symptom tracker, Belly Buddy helps uncover food intolerances that may be triggering digestive issues like gas, heartburn, acid reflux, rashes, and more. Belly Buddy’s unique data analysis algorithm gives you personalized insights that help you discover which foods correlate with your digestive symptoms. Its valuable insights can assist you in gaining a better understanding of your digestive health issues, whether they involve gluten, dairy, tree nuts, nightshades, fried foods, or other potentially problematic foods.

Using Belly Buddy, you and your doctor, nutritionist or healthcare provider can plan an elimination diet that’s tailored just for you. It’s also perfect for parents who need to understand what foods might be linked to digestive issues experienced by their kids.