Writesonic is an AI powered writing assistant that can help writers and content creators quickly create blog posts, social media posts, long-form articles and more. This tool excels at social media ads and is fantastic for quickly creating Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts that will captivate and engage your audience. Writesonic acts as your own personal copyrighter and gathers it’s own data by analyzing input from specific brand ads, catchy landing pages, and product descriptions in real-time. This tool allows businesses to capture sales, leads, and optimize their ads for efficient reach.

Is Writesonic Free?

No, unfortunately Writesonic offers no free plan, however they do offer a free trial for every new user. You’ll receive 10 free credits to test out Writesonic and it’s features. If you find the tool to your liking, you can purchase the “long-form” plan which lets you customize your words limit per month.