Dreamily is a fun and exciting AI text generator which lets you create fictional stories utilizing both yours and the AI’s creativeness. Simply give your story a title, write a few words to begin your story and click on “Dreamily, Go!“. The AI will continue your story for you with 3 different outcomes to choose from. If you don’t like any of the outcomes you can just click on “another” from the top right to generate more!

There are also 5 styles to choose from which changes up the outcomes for even more possibilities. Currently there are 5 styles available:

  • Creative
  • General
  • Romance
  • Pure Love
  • Fantasy

Mixing up between the different styles will ensure you get a different outcome every time. If you’re trying to keep your story consistent however, it might be best to stick to just one of two styles. Dreamily is definitely worth checking out as it seems to be completely free to use for now while it’s in beta!