Viggle AI

Viggle is an AI video tool that allows you to animate any character image using text prompts, powered by JST-1 – supposedly the first video foundation model with true physics understanding. Its has the ability to mix character images into motion videos, animate them based on text descriptions like “walking” or “doing the robot dance”, and can even generate brand new videos from scratch through text prompts. Viggle is currently free to use in beta stage and is using Discord as a user-interface.

Viggle Commands

After joining the Viggle Discord server, head on over to one of the #animate channels. You can use the following commands:

/mix: mixes a character image into a motion video
/animate: animates a static character with a text motion prompt
/ideate: creates a character video purely from text
/character: creates a character from a text prompt and animates it
/stylize: restyles your character using a text prompt and animates it

Along with your text prompt, you should describe the type of motion you want your character to do. You can also use the pre-made motion templates on this page: