Spikes Studio

Spikes Studio helps creators extract captivating Shorts & Stories from any video. You can use this tool to automatically get titles, descriptions, hashtag recommendations, auto-captions, AI styling and quick-edit options. Spikes provides content creators with an innovative solution that combines advanced AI technology and intuitive editing tools to capture the best moments from their videos, both live-streams and uploads. You can even upload your own video content, and Spikes will help transform them into exciting highlights that will engage your audience like never before.

Key Features

AI Video to Short Converter: Automatically selects the best moments from long videos using AI and transforms them into short viral clips for social media.

Auto Captions: Add subtitles to your video automatically. Our Auto-Captions supports 99 languages and can add emojis for highlighted keywords.

Auto Crop and Zoom In: This feature edits and selects the best frame for mobile viewing. Also the option to include a second camera frame for added flexibility.

Multi-Platform Processing: Automatically processes clips from any YouTube, Vimeo, Google and Twitch links. Twitch users can also log in and receive the best moments from their stream seconds after finishing the livestream.

Automatic Hashtags and Description: AI scans videos and suggests optimal hashtags and descriptions.

B-Roll: This feature allows you to enhance your videos by seamlessly incorporating additional photos and text onto the screen.

Automatic Social Media Sharing: Seamlessly share your transformed clips to all your connected social media platforms directly from Spikes