Casablanca is an AI-based tool designed to incorporate authentic eye contact video calls. It runs on both Windows and Mac and is built to work with all video conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet etc. Casablanca.AI aims to replace the cold distance of traditional video calling with more realistic facial expressions and genuine interactions. The tool frontalizes your head as well as your gaze, so that it appears you are looking directly at your conversation partner, adding a level of authenticity to digital conversations.

Notably, Casablanca frontalizes the entire head, not just the eyes. This means that even if you are looking at a second screen, the software will frontalize your face for an optimal alignment in the video. An important feature is the non-permanent staring. This means that if you look away in real-life, your gaze direction in the video will change accordingly, emulating a natural conversation.

Casablanca is focused on creating a real, authentic connection in video calls by mimicking the natural behavior of eye contact and facial movements. The tool currently offers a free version which can be downloaded from their website.