AutoCut is an AI-driven Premiere Pro plugin that revolutionizes video editing. With this AI-powered tool, you can seamlessly add dynamic animated captions, remove silences, automate podcast editing, apply zoom effects, automatically add B-Rolls and eliminate repetitive sentences. Experience how fast and smart AutoCut is; it can turn hours of raw video into engaging, finished videos in just a few minutes.

Key Features

  • AutoCut Silences – AutoCut can automatically remove all silences.
  • AutoCaptions – With a single click, AutoCaptions adds perfectly animated subtitles that follow the rhythm of the words.
  • AutoCut Podcast – With AutoCut Podcast, editing your podcast becomes a breeze. It detects, from each of your guests’ microphones, which camera to activate.
  • AutoZoom – AutoCut is equipped with a sophisticated automatic zoom function that will help you create videos that capture your audience’s attention.
  • AutoB-Roll – AutoB-Roll automates the integration of relevant B-Roll stock footage, visually enriching your video edits using artificial intelligence.
  • AutoCut Repeat – Meticulously examines the content you’re editing, detects repetitions, and keeps only the best takes. If the content you edit contains repeated phrases, this feature allows you to quickly sort through them!
  • Resize AI – Generates new sequences from your sequence in the formats of each social network you have selected. If the filmed subject moves, the AI will automatically follow it to keep the subject at the center of the video.