Clipfly is a free AI video generator and creator platform, perfect for users with no prior video experience. It offers extensive features, supporting text-to-video, along with rich video editing and processing capabilities. Most of the features are available to try on the free plan, with some advanced features and settings requiring a Clipfly Pro subscription.

Key Features

Online AI Video Editor
With Clipfly AI video editor, you can easily edit, enhance, and make professional-looking videos without any hassle. Experience effortless AI video editing online!

AI Video Generator from Text
Effortlessly create a video from a text prompt in a few steps. Type your idea and wait for Clipfly’s AI video generator to create a static video frame. You can then preview and select the best frame to generate your video masterpiece.

AI Video Enhancer
Leverage AI technology to enhance your video quality with a single click.
Clipfly can automatically enhance colors and recover details to transform lower videos into high-quality ones.

AI Photo Animator
Transform your still photos into dynamic videos with the AI photo animator tool in a few clicks, bringing every frame to life. Watch as landscapes, portraits, and even artwork come alive, adding a cinematic dimension to your visual content.

AI Talking Avatar
Use Clipfly’s AI text-to-speech tool to convert text into natural-sounding voiceovers. Integrate audio to breathe life into static images, creating animated avatars with realistic speech.