AI User Research Tools

Colors AI

Colors AI is a customer intelligence platform that automatically gathers, analyzes, and categorizes your customer feedback from multiple sources. It’s designed to help companies prioritize

Sprig AI

Sprig is a product building insights tool that helps teams quickly get feedback from their users to build better experiences and apps. It allows you


Olvy is a feedback management tool designed for user-centric product teams. It can be used to help track, analyze, and act on user feedback, enabling

UX Brain

UX Brain is an AI assistant that helps UX designers effortlessly transcribe, generate concise summaries, and uncover actionable insights from user research. UX Brain hosts


Goodmeetings is an AI-enabled video meeting assistant designed specifically for sales demos and improving revenue. It provides valuable customer intelligence, with features such as questionnaires,

AI Survey Maker

AI Survey Maker is a free tool by Fillout that lets you create professional surveys fast and easily using AI. Just describe your survey style


Product teams use Validly to gain deep insights from continuous user interviews 10x faster. The tool automates recruitment and scheduling, generates discussion guides, facilitates video

Mine My Reviews

Mine My Reviews is a free AI review scraping tool by Senja that quickly analyzes your customers’ online reviews and testimonials. Just paste a URL


SessionStackAI is an AI-powered session replay tool that helps you optimize user experiences with ease. It provides quick summaries of long session replays so you is an AI-powered product discovery platform that can quickly turn customer data into actionable insights. The tool lets you automatically analyze customer feedback with

Responsly AI Survey Maker

AI Survey Maker is a free tool by Responsly which allows for quick and easy creation of professional surveys using AI. You simply describe your

Hotjar AI

Hotjar AI for Surveys is a user research tool that accelerates the data collection and analysis process. Hotjar AI lets you create surveys tailored to

AI tools for speeding up user research to help you develop a better platform for your users.