AI Trading Tools


Coinfeeds is built with the philosophy that all crypto data sources are open source, and that AI should be used to process information. Coinfeeds currently

Trading Literacy Bot

Trading Literacy Bot lets you analyze trade history files with an AI chatbot. Simply ask questions and get personalized insights to improve your trading. This


BeeBee Ai is a cutting-edge platform that provides real-time market insights and comprehensive financial analysis. It features the latest earnings call transcripts of the S&P


SaberTrade is an AI-powered Chrome extension that aims to help investors research, analyze, and execute trades more efficiently. It integrates with your browser to provide


Morphlin is a trading platform that empowers traders with powerful AI tools. It offers a range of features such as lending and grid strategies, real-time


hoopsAI is an AI-powered platform that provides personalized stock market insights and trading ideas to help investors make better investing decisions. It analyzes a wide

Aime by AInvest

Aime is a free AI investing assistant from AInvest that lets you analyze stocks, screen the market for opportunities, get investing ideas, and learn key


TradeUI is an all-inclusive platform for stocks and options trading which leverages AI for data analytics and insights. It offers real-time data and advanced research

StockInsights AI

StockInsights AI is a stock analysis tool that simplifies investment research by using AI to generate actionable insights from complex financial data and documents. Key


Chaplin lets you build your own trading bots using the power of GPT AI. The tool support stocks, forex and crypto and allows you to

Make investing easier with these AI trading tools.