Powder is an AI tool that seamlessly transforms multi-hour gaming streams into engaging, shareable short video highlights and montages that are tailor-made for sharing on social media platforms to help gaming content creators grow and amplify their reach with repurposed content.

Key Features

  • Quickly transform long streams (Twitch, YouTube, Kick) or video files into shareable, social-ready clips in a few clicks with the Powder Windows app.
  • Powder AI identifies the creator’s best in-stream moments – from emotionally charged moments with laughter and rage, to spikes in community chat activity, to the game-winning knock-downs, headshots, and goals.
  • Automatic montages stitch clips together into shareable compilations in one click.
  • Optimized short video for TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and more.
  • Saves creators, their video editors, and supporting community teams 10+ hours per week.