AI Research Tools

Instabooks AI

Instabooks AI instantly generates customized textbooks on any topic you want to explore in depth. Simply type a detailed description of the information you want


GigaBrain is a resourceful search engine that uses AI to scan billions of comments across Reddit and other online communities to find the most useful

Ai Summary Generator

Ai Summary Generator is a text summarization tool that can instantly summarize lengthy texts or turn them into bullet point lists. It uses AI to

WhiteBridge is an AI-powered research platform that consolidates data from over 100 public sources to provide you with comprehensive background information on individuals. You can


Otio is an AI-powered research and writing assistant designed to help students, researchers, analysts and professionals alike. It can easily summarize your documents and web


scite is an AI-powered research tool that helps researchers discover and evaluate scientific articles. It analyzes millions of citations and shows how each article has

BRAiN Assistant

Brain Assistant is an AI-powered tool that offers real-time internet searching along with the ability to create a personalized knowledge base from various sources such

Julius AI

Julius is an AI data analysis tool that helps you visualize, analyze, and get insights from all kinds of data. With Julius, you can simply

Samwell AI is an AI writing assistant that’s specifically designed to help students and academics effortlessly write essays, research papers, and other academic content. Its


Consensus is an AI-powered search engine that helps you find evidence-based answers to your research questions. It intelligently searches through over 200 million scientific papers


Genei is a research tool that automates the process of summarizing background reading and can also generate blogs, articles, and reports. It allows you to


Glasp is a free Chrome and Safari extension that lets you easily highlight and annotate text on websites and PDFs. Its key features include syncing

Discover the latest AI research tools to accelerate your studies and academic research. Search through millions of research papers, summarize articles, view citations, and more.