AI Recruitment Tools


Recruitee is an applicant tracking system (ATS) and collaborative hiring software designed to the streamline the entire recruitment process. With its easy setup, great user


Manatal is an AI-powered recruitment tool designed to source, screen and hire candidates faster. It offers a customizable pipeline with job board integrations, AI-powered recommendations,


DeepMate’s AI interview assistant helps companies and recruiters streamline and improve their hiring process. It can automatically generate customized interview questions based on the candidate,


Findem is a talent acquisition AI platform that streamlines the hiring process from sourcing to hiring. The tools developers state it can reduce hiring costs


Recrooit has a free job description generator that helps create optimized job descriptions quick and easily. Just tell the AI the important details such as


Product teams use Validly to gain deep insights from continuous user interviews 10x faster. The tool automates recruitment and scheduling, generates discussion guides, facilitates video


Holly is an AI-powered virtual recruiter that automates tedious hiring tasks to save recruiters time and effort. It’s able to understand context and specific job

Resume Screening AI

Resume Screening AI is a tool for professional recruiters. It allows you to save hours-days screening hundreds of resumes. It’s super simple to use: You


Accio can generate instant summaries of resumes to help recruiters and hiring managers evaluate candidate fit for a role more efficiently and fairly. Simply upload


Brainner is a HR tool that automates resume screening using AI, sorting candidates based on personalized criteria to save recruiters time and make hiring faster.

Juucy is an AI-powered recruiting platform that automates the hiring process to help companies hire quality tech talent faster. By leveraging data from their platform


ResumeCheck is an AI-powered resume assessment tool by Job Mojito. It offers a comprehensive audit that can help you maximize the impact of your resume,

AI recruitment tools catering to both recruiters and job seekers alike. Save hours manually searching for clients by leveraging AI as your personal headhunter.