Ideamap isn’t just another brainstorming tool; it’s your team’s creative partner, powered by AI to make every brainstorming session count. Designed with the modern thinker in mind, Ideamap streamlines the brainstorming process, helping your team generate and sift through ideas with ease. It’s the ideal platform for breaking free from creative blocks and exploring new frontiers of thought, without the pressure of starting on a blank page.

Ideamap allows team members to share and build on suggestions in real-time. Kickstart your creativity with AI-generated prompts and use built-in topic detection to group ideas naturally. Meanwhile, Ideamap’s Co-Pilots guide discussions effortlessly, offering a helping hand wherever needed, from generating ideas to drawing conclusions.

Stay on track during brainstorming sessions with structured agendas and timers that foster productive exchanges. And when inspiration strikes, the magic of AI is there to capture every spark on an endless canvas, transform words into visual representations, and even dive into audio files to never miss out on a fleeting thought.