SalesCred PRO

SalesCred PRO is an AI-powered platform designed to build sales credibility and accelerate trust for B2B salespeople. This innovative tool offers a range of features to help salespeople establish themselves as trusted advisors. With industry-specific digital credibility scoring, it measures how prospects perceive you online and provides guidance to improve your online presence. The real-time research functionality can compile detailed information about prospects, including buyer behavior research and proprietary data, streamlining the sales preparation process.

SalesCred PRO combines AI-generated and real-time data for insights into prospects and competitors. Key features include:

Digital CredCheck™: AI-driven analysis of how your online presence reflects your expertise
Daily Opportunities Dashboard: Trend monitoring and social media engagement tools
Deep, Real-time Research: Quick, comprehensive pre-sales research and business intelligence reports
AI-powered CredWriter™: Generates insightful social, web and email content
Competitive Intelligence: Insights for strategic differentiation
CredCoach™: AI-powered virtual sales coach trained with hundreds of articles on consultative sales by SalesFuel and C. Lee Smith. The “Say It Better” feature helps you choose words with greater tact and professionalism.
CRM Integration: Integrates with Salesforce and leading CRM platforms
-SalesCred Academy: In-app training with videos, exercises and tests and includes digital badges for each completed module.