AI Lifestyle Tools

Rocky is an AI-powered personal development coach and self-improvement chatbot that aims to develop the best future-self for life and career. Engage in regular 5-minute

AI Diary

Ai Diary is an AI-powered daily diary which lets you engage in real conversations, creating a human-like connection as it responds to your diary entries,

Roam Around

Roam Around is the ultimate travel planning app powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 technology. No more browsing through countless web pages, guidebooks or confusing maps –

Our Baby AI

Our Baby AI is a unique and exciting service that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to generate captivating images of your future child. By simply

Momo AI

Momo is an AI mobile app that creates personalized itineraries and gives you travel ideas for your trips. Simply answer a few questions about your

AI Trip Generator

OOO (Out of Office) has created a new AI tool called the AI Trip Generator. The app uses databases and recommendations to create customized trip


HeardThat is an iOS and Android app that uses AI to turn smartphones into advanced hearing-assistive devices. The app is a game-changer for individuals who

These tools can help improve your daily routine in scenarios such as fitness tracking, planning, travel ideas, and more.