AI Legal Tools


SpeedLegal is an AI-powered contract review tool dubbed ‘Your personal AI contract negotiator’ that can manage and negotiate contracts for businesses of all sizes. It


LegalNow is an AI-powered legal document creation and review tool. It allows anyone to easily draft, review, and analyze legal agreements with lawyer-grade quality. LegalNow


AI-Lawyer give you access to expert legal advice anywhere, anytime. The tool lets you instantly generate and check legal documents, compare agreements, and receive easy-to-understand


TemplatesGo streamlines the legal document creation process using AI. With a wide variety of legal and personal document templates, this tool lets you easily customize


DoNotPay is one of the the world’s first AI lawyers that helps you fight corporations, beat bureaucracy, and sue anyone with just a press of is a free AI chatbot assistant that can answer any legal questions you have in seconds. Just submit your questions and location to receive

Layman Law

Layman Law is an AI-powered tool that translates complex legal language into plain English, making it easy for you to understand contracts and legal documents

As AI expands across more and more sectors, it has unsurprisingly found it’s way into legality and law. These AI legal tools can be used for anything related to the law – lawyers, legal info and advice, document checkers, and more.